Help, my rommate is gross!

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  • Myroomateisgross
    2+ weeks old

    Help, my rommate is gross! So here I am sitting in my crappy apartment that a share with a messy roomate. I need a new apartment fast. Problem is my discusting rommate drives me to work. I work at the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. I aint takin the bus. Someone help me find an apartment clost to Fresh and Easy. 

    • No-MyRoomieIsDISGUSTING
      2+ weeks old

      Looky looky who left their browser open! Sean, you should be more careful when you leave the house moron! So, you think I am disgusting? Sean? Really? Shall I post about how you left you're crap stained draws on the bathroom floor of our apartment? Or how about the time you drank week old milk and got the runs for 2 days straight? What about the grenade you brought home from the bar, that turned out to be a TRANNY! And I am the disgusting one? And learn how to spell, ain't isn't a word and there is no C in disGusting.
      Someone help Mr Poop Myself find a place to rent and get him out of my face!