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  • getmeout
    2+ weeks old

    William Peak Park. I'm looking for a winter activity, something to get me out of my apartment. Anyone know if they have any activities at William Peak Park?

    • gibbs
      2+ weeks old

      I used to live up in Montana and am absolutely in love with winter and the snow but I had to move here for work. Anyways, I was so upset by the lack of snow that I have tried to adapt some of my favorite snow sports into land sports. My favorite is those skis that have wheels on them (I have no idea what they are actually called) but they are awesome. They are just like normal skis but for land! I use my ski poles with them to and it is so much fun! Not as fun as normal skiing, but still an awesome way for me to keep up the sport and be ready to ski when i go back to Montana. Lately I've also been snowshoeing. I know it may sound crazy, but it's a great workout. I put on my snow shoes, fill a backpack with weights, put on my old winter coat, and go to the local park. It's a great workout and you sweat like you went to the sauna. It's surprisingly exhilarating. *Happy Winter!!*