Finding Apartments in Berkeley is Tough

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  • lovecali
    2+ weeks old

    Finding Apartments in Berkeley is Tough. Berkeley rentals are hard to come by, especially this time of year due to the students renting up everything in site. I love this city, everything about it and would love to live here. Is this a hopeless endeavor for a non student?

    • Nichols
      2+ weeks old

      No, not at all. It may seem hopeless because there are a lot of college students, but this is the same in every college town. Luckily, there are also a ton of apartments to house everyone. I think the best time to look would be late spring, early summer. This is when a lot of the students go home for the summer, and the market is relatively quiet until the housing stampede that happens every August and September. Talk to an agent in the area if you need to, they're used to looking for properties for non students, and have perfected strategies for finding great places for people like you. Good luck.