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  • kyle5
    2+ weeks old

    what types of upgrades can i request when i show interest in a apartment? I found a place close to the University of Arizona that's in my price range but the building was built in 1942 and I'm worried about the upkeep of the place. Am I allowed to request an update if necessary for example if i think it needs a new paint job or new lights?

    • B.P.Pet
      2+ weeks old

      You can definitely request that, technically you can request anything you want, but that doesn't mean the landlord is going to comply and do anything you request. Ask the landlord before signing the lease so you know if he will take care of it or if you will have to. Each complex has its on policies, so make sure to ask the landlord no matter where you go. I doubt the lights or the paint are from 1942, so it may not be necessary to replace either of these things. You may need to get permission from the landlord and then replace them yourself.