Anyone shop at Fry's Food Store?

Laveen, AZ ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakAnyone shop at Fry's Food Store?

  • GernardBernard
    2+ weeks old

    Anyone shop at Fry's Food Store? Just moved to the area. Anyone here shop at Fry's Food Store? Looking to buy cheap groceries. There is no food in my apartment. 

    • Trina BB
      2+ weeks old

      Fry's is great, if you live nearby then I would absolutely recommend doing all your shopping there. Especially if you like to eat organic; they have a huge selection. All my friends swear by it and after they convinced me to try it out, I haven't gone anywhere since. So yes, Fry's is definitely a solid choice for groceries in the area. Hope you like it.