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  • vouchergrouch
    2+ weeks old

    Anbody using the housing voucher program? Anyone using the housing voucher program from San Bernardino County? I just applied and I am not just waiting for acceptance. If I get approved, can I live anywhere I want? Do I need to find a specific landlord that accepts the voucher?

    • JJQuo
      2+ weeks old

      Yes, the housing voucher is only accepted by some landlords or complexes that may be owned by the city. If you go to myapartmentmap and click on the advanced options setting and then click the Section 8 button, only apartments that take the vouchers will show up. Since there usually aren't that many places that accept the vouchers, I would suggest that you expand your search to 30 miles within Fort Mitchell. I have a little extra time so I will do a quick search for you and post the link here.