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  • ericacalvinlife
    2+ weeks old

    My husband and I are looking for an apartment. We are moving in April 2013 but are looking now since we have such specific criteria (list below). Maybe someone can help? I've gone through so many webpages and lists.... Why not ask here...

    Apartment Requirements:

    •East side of Salt Lake City, Utah/Near or in Sugarhouse
    •Washer/Dryer or hookups IN UNIT
    •1-2 bedroom apartment or studio with bathroom (2bedrm. only if inexpensive/in price range)
    •Clean/newly updated and unfurnished
    •New/clean carpet/floors
    •Walk in closet
    •Smoke free
    •Apartment that does not share ventilation with other units (We control our apt. temp.)
    •Manager/staff does not come in without 24hr notice
    •Parking for two vehicles without extra cost
    •Some storage
    •Upper level apartment
    •Easy freeway access
    •Service Animal
    •Nice city views preferred
    •High ceilings preferred
    •Fireplace preferred
    •Relatively rent controlled
    Probably should have some good reviews too... I've run into some good looking possibilities that have turned out to be absolute messes according to reviews.


    • MyApartmentMap
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Erica,
      I must say, this is quite the list and finding a place that meets this many requirements is going to be tricky. Have you familiarized yourself with the advanced searching options on this site?

      A few questions:

      You mention service animal, is this a dog or a cat? We have the ability to search for pet friendly apartments as well.

      Talk soon.

      • ericacalvinlife
        2+ weeks old

        Hello! Thanks for your response. We have a service cat, but I have found that most places that don't allow pets will allow a service animal.
        We do have a lot of requirements, but we plan on staying at this next location for quite a while. We did live in an apartment that had this criteria for 4 years, but they raised our rent too high at the end of our last lease so we had to move. We would pay more for an apartment that has all of these things, but if it costs more then it can't be too far away like our old one was.