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  • ghanshyambaps
    2+ weeks old

    Hi, I am moving to California from Boston. My work place is in Menlo Park, CA. I am looking for studio apartments for rent in either Sunnyvale or Mountain View, CA. My budget is $1200. I can go up to $1300 if some of the utilities are included. Can you help me find such an apartment?

    • caligirl87
      2+ weeks old


      The only studio for rent in Sunnyvale that I can find within your price range is located at the Twin Pines Apartment Manor. A studio goes for around $995/month and is about 450sq feet. They can be contacted here. The Cascades in Sunnyvale have studios for $1250/month at minimum, around 450sq feet, and I don't believe that includes utilities, but it would be the next closest in your price range. They can be contacted at this link.

      For Mountain View, the most inexpensive studio listed is at 1969 Latham Street, for $1250/month. Electricity is included. I am not sure of its size. The owner can be contacted at this link.