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Are you looking for university housing or a college apartment? MyApartmentMap can help. We have thousands of listings for available college apartments located at or near universities and campuses all throughout the United States. Check out the search engine below where you can access apartment listings for both on-campus and off-campus housing. By searching for your school, you can find the best places to live at a range of prices.


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Among the states below, select the one in which your college or university is located so you can be one step closer to finding available rentals at your school of choice. From there, choose the college or university you’re looking in order to access and view a variety of relevant apartments that either are located on-campus or nearby. Browse and review those availabilities to find the apartment that’s right for you.

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The country has numerous top colleges and popular universities, which MyApartmentMap features in the list below. Many students from those schools have had success finding an apartment using our search of relevant and available listings. Click one of these colleges or universities to view the list of apartments that are available for rent nearby or at that school.