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MyApartmentMap Moving to Django

MyApartmentMap - Sep 23, 2009

MyApartmentMap has been in development for around 3 years. The frontend is written in PHP using a custom framework. As we continue to add more features the site becomes more and more difficult to maintain with the current PHP codebase. The backend of MyApartmentMap is written completly in Python which I greatly prefer to PHP. Python is built from the ground up to be object oriented and the syntax is very short and easy to understand. That being said, we have decided to rebuild MyApartmentMap from the ground up using Django and more specifically the GeoDjango contribution. Django is a high level web framework that abstracts much of the “boring” code that is required of all websites. In the 3-4 weeks that I have been playing around with Django, I believe it will offer at least a 50% decrease in coding time for any given feature. I will be updating the blog with the current progress and my ongoing thoughts about Django. You can also follow me on twitter where I will post more frequent updates. Follow me on http://www.twitter.com/ianreardon