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Checklist for Moving- Don't Forget to Buy

MyApartmentMap - Jul 8, 2015

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Moving into your very first apartment is exciting. The idea of finally being on your own, with no parents or RA is one of the greatest feelings. However, what do you bring on you with this new chapter of your life? We have written a series of blogs recently from moving out of your parents’ house and moving out of your dorm and what to expect. We’ve told you what to expect from moving, however we have yet to mention what to take with you on your move. Here, we have compiled a list objects that are important to have in your new pad. We’ve made the list as exhaustive as possible and broke it down into rooms:


It’s important to have various items in the kitchen for basic living. Even if you plan on eating out every meal, it still is important to have a few of the basic. It sounds crazy, but the kitchen is where most people hang out when you have a group of friends over. Just wait and see.

1.)    Pots and Pans

2.)    Plates

3.)    Silverware

4.)    Glasses

5.)    Spatulas

6.)    Measuring cups

7.)    Mugs

8.)    A Brita filter

9.)    Coffee maker

10.) Ice trays

11.) Table and Chairs

12.) Trash can- Recommended is a medium size trash cans so you are forced to throw it out more often.

13.) Soap holder

Food staples

Next, are a number of items that are good food items to have in your kitchen. These are things can stay forever and are used for meals that you can throw together, or to spice up a meal or two.

1.)    Ketchup

2.)    Butter

3.)    Salt and pepper

4.)    Olive oil

5.)    Lemons/limes

6.)    Spices (garlic, ginger, chili pepper, cumin, basil, mint, oregano, mustard seed)

7.)    Soy sauce

8.)    Cans of tuna

9.)    Pasta and pasta sauce


Personally, I think this is the most comfortable place in the house. This is your sanctuary, your place of sleep and relaxation. Therefore, keep it just that a calm area to call yours. Here are a few items that will make your bedroom your favorite place.

1.)    Bed (obviously)

2.)    Dresser

3.)    Mirror

4.)    Desk

5.)    Fan/AC/heater

6.)    Organizers

7.)    Book shelf

8.)    Trash can

9.)    Full length mirror

10.) Hangers

11.) Lamps

12.) Sheets, blankets, pillows

13.) Laundry basket

14.) Trash Can

Living Area

The living area will probably be the place you spend all of your time. The television is in there and it can seat many of people. Though you may do a lot of entertaining in the kitchen, there will be a lot of activity going on in the living room.

1.)    Television

2.)    DVD player

3.)    Couches

4.)    Coffee table

5.)    End tables

6.)    Television

7.)    Throw pillows and blankets

8.)    Air mattress (for those unexpected or expected guests)


Here are a few necessities to make your bathroom experience go a long way.

1.)    Toilet paper

2.)    Soap (Refillable liquid soap is easiest)

3.)    Soap holder/dispenser

4.)    Toothbrush holder

5.)    Q-tip holder

6.)    Towels (that match J)

7.)    Bathroom rug

8.)    Trash can

Cleaning supplies

Last but not least a few items to help you keep your new pad spotless. That’s right, unfortunately, there is no fairy godmother that’s going to magically appear to clean up your place.

1.)    Windex

2.)    Mop

3.)    Swiffer (best thing ever invented)

4.)    Vacuum/ Dust buster/ Swivel sweeper

5.)    Paper towels or if you want to be earth friendly than reusable towels

6.)    Laundry detergent/ Dryer sheets

7.)    Dish soap