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Checklist for Moving- Don't Forget to Buy

MyApartmentMap - Jul 8, 2015

Moving into your very first apartment is exciting. The idea of finally being on your own, with no parents or RA is one of the greatest feelings. However, what do you bring on you with this new chapter of your life? We have written a series of blogs recently from moving out of your parents’ house and moving out of your dorm and what to expect. We’ve told you what to expect from moving, however we have yet to mention what to take with you on your move.

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Roommate Needed but Not Wanted: Tips on Living with a Roommate

MyApartmentMap - Aug 16, 2011

So you’ve been living on your own for quite some time, huh? But, it’s starting to be super expensive and the economy is just not helping, so taking on a roommate seems like a great idea. Although you feel like this is the worst thing since your third grade school pictures, it really isn’t. There are so many benefits to having a roommate(s) that your decrease in personal space really won’t be as bad as you think. 

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Asking Questions When Renting a Place? Here are 9 Good Ones

MyApartmentMap - Aug 9, 2011

It’s always vital to ask questions about your, could be, future new home. Despite all the obvious questions such as price, payment date, late fee, and utilities to name a few, there are some other questions that are pretty important to ask as well. Landlords want to rent their place, and willingly will not give you information that will deter you from renting their apartment. 

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Need to Move Out of Your Parents House? Tips for Leaving the Homestead for Independence

MyApartmentMap - Jul 19, 2011

Freedom. The single word to describe moving out of your parents’ house. There is nothing better than the first time that you live on your own. However, with moving out of your parents’ house comes responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and paying for things. Living on your own is invigorating, but now you have to feign for yourself.

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See Ya Dorm, Hello Apartment: Tips on Real World Living

MyApartmentMap - Jul 12, 2011

Moving from your college pad to your new real world digs can be a challenge. Utilities, furniture, non-college student neighbors? What does that even mean? We’ve compiled a few tips and ideas about what to do when moving from your college apartment to your first “adult” pad.

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Moving out of the Concrete Jungle into the Suburbs: What Will Change?

MyApartmentMap - Jul 5, 2011

Moving from a constant traffic of people to the suburbs can be quite a change when you’re used to living in chaos. There are many good aspects moving from the city to the suburbs. 

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How to Move with Pets Into A Smaller Pad: Pavlov’s Law

MyApartmentMap - May 25, 2011

Moving into an apartment can be stressful enough, throw in man’s best friend and that equals double trouble. However, that may not be the case if you have the right type of anxious- free pooch to accompany you. Who knows your pup may even turn into the best thing that happened to your new apartment since the internet. What are some puppy characteristics that will make your neighbors not hate you, you ask?

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Moving Supplies 101: The Checklist

MyApartmentMap - Nov 10, 2010

Packing and getting ready to move is always time consuming. We've compiled a list of supplies that you'll need to move, just so you have one less thing to worry about, and one less trip to the store.

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How To Find a Moving Company

MyApartmentMap - Oct 1, 2010

Moving is an exciting time in a person’s life, whether it’s your first move or your twentieth. You could be moving to a new city, moving in with a new roommate, or renting your first apartment solo…whatever it is: moving requires a lot of time, work, and boxes….along with the exciting experience. This is why many people decide to get some help.

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Renting a Moving Truck: What You Need To Know

MyApartmentMap - Sep 23, 2009

Moving is hardly ever an inexpensive or easy endeavor, but if you’ve decided upon moving yourself; renting a moving truck can save you money, car/truck trips, gas, and lots of valuable time. Here’s some valuable info on what you need to know about renting a moving truck:

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