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Coffee House? Dog House? Coffee Dog House

MyApartmentMap - Feb 21, 2012

We love two things at MyApartmentMap, Dogs and Coffee!  Every day around one o'clock someone makes a coffee run to either Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. It seemed like a waste to keep throwing away the trays so we started stacking them in the office kitchen.


After we had amassed around 100 trays (400 coffees!) construction began on Jack and Jerry's dog house. We built each wall separately by arranging the trays in a 4x3 grid and then connecting them with an organic based glue. After the three base walls were finished we tied them together at the top and bottom using plant based Sisal string.


Construction of the roof was a little tricky.  The base walls and the roof panels were not rigid enough to support their own weight.  After some trial and error we were able to get the roof to stay up by reinforcing the roof panels with more sisal string.


The dog house was nearly complete. We added a few trays to the front for additional support. Jack and Jerry love the dog house and use it all the time!  You can view larger copies of all of these pictures on the right hand side of the page.