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A Memorable Thanksgiving Party in your Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Nov 18, 2011


A Memorable Thanksgiving Party in your Apartment
Our favorite time of the year has come. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a time where many of us will be celebrating with friends and family. Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition that brings loved ones together to enjoy food, fun, laughter, and for my family, naps and football! One stressful situation about Thanksgiving is deciding whose house to attend or if you are throwing the Thanksgiving dinner party at your place. You’re not alone in wanting to make your Thanksgiving dinner turn out perfectly and have a memorable day no one forgets. It becomes much trickier to create an elaborate dinner party in your apartment. Below, we provided a few easy steps to make your Thanksgiving Day as easy and stress free as possible so you can unwind and enjoy the festivities in the process of preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.

Preparing your Thanksgiving Meal
When it comes to the Thanksgiving dinner, it’s all about strategic planning. You have to make sure everything is prepared on time and that you won’t forget anything in your meal this is the big leagues. A week in advance I recommend you decide what you are going to cook so you can write out a shopping list and figure out how long each food dish is going to take to cook. This helps you prepare which items you can make the night before and what needs to get done on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure you have all the proper  cooking equipment and if you are ordering a dessert from a bakery, order a few days early before they run out.  Two or three days before, clean out your refrigerator to make room for this elaborate meal, you can also head to the grocery store to get food items that don’t need to be refrigerated. I recommend buying the turkey two days before, you can't risk not being able to get the main attraction. During this time take out your table linens, napkins, place mats, plates and silverware for the big day.

Make Room for Guest
It is best to invite guests over to your dinner party at least a week in advance. This helps you prepare for the amount of food you need to cook and number of place settings you need to set up. It can also help you decide what each guests can bring as a gift wine, dessert, small appetizer, their lovely presence! You are going to come across those guests who either respond last minute, show up unexpectedly, or bring someone along last minute. Don’t worry the more the merrier and a few more extra hands in the kitchen just make sure you’re prepared to make a little extra food. Now let’s get to space conditions in your apartment, this can be tricky if you have a tiny apartment and can’t move some of your furniture out of the apartment for the day. You can organize your furniture in a circle form in order to extend the dinner table in the middle of your living room, just make sure you have planed the seating arrangements so that everyone has a place to sit. Keep in mind when you are arranging furniture you still have a nice view of the television, let’s face it either the football game or Thanksgiving parade will be playing all day. You can also play some soothing music like classic rock or dare I say it Christmas music in the background to make guest feel more comfortable. Set up a little stand in the room for appetizers like a cheese plate and a place where you can keep the drinks (recommend plastic cups used).

Thanksgiving Decorations
When it comes to Thanksgiving decorations, I think simple is always better. Focus on the table; you can buy cheap table linens with turkeys or leaves on them to make the table look more festive. I also look at solid fall colors for the table, reds, yellow, orange, maroons would look great on the table and bring a dramatic look but still look classic. Find table linens to match your napkins, place settings/matts and plates. For the centerpiece, I always prefer flowers in a beautiful vase you can place in the middle of the table. Make sure to arrange your plates and glasses with the proper meal; set a glass for drinks and a glass for wine and coffee. My favorite thing to have is candles; place two on the table and a few around the apartment, just make sure they’re in a safe area where no one can knock them down.