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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Dec 22, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Apartment
Time is beginning to run out as many of us are realizing how fast Christmas is approaching with so little time left to shop for gifts. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one who waited last minute to do your Christmas shopping. Just take a deep breath and start to prepare a list of people you need to shop for. Most of the time when people have no time to do shopping they go with the generic last minute gifts to give out like scratch tickets, gift cards, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Most people don’t realize how many awesome gifts are out there for the home. Buying a gift for someones apartment is very resourceful and something they can use all the time. Here are some tips on gift choices for the apartment.

Items they are missing
If you were there to help them move into their new place or got a tour from their housewarming party you probably got a glimpse of the things they are missing around the house or try to remember if they mention something they were interested in buying but never got around to. Check around or remember if there was anything they were forced to give away, things that broke or they lost over the years. Just help them fill the void of the room which is half empty, buy them things that add a decorative feel to the place. For cheap and affordable gifts you can check out places like Overstock or Target.

Gift Package
I love giving out assorted gift baskets to people; it brings out the fun in gift giving and gives people a variety of gifts. You can even go with a theme to your gift basket. Some examples are…

  • Kitchen Basket: put in assorted recipes, spices, teas, coffee flavors, kitchen utensils, oven mitts, coupons
  • Living room Basket: candles, assorted pillows, fragrance oils, blanket, throw pillows, picture frames, coasters, magazine subscription, table cloths
  • Bathroom Basket: hand soap, lotion, shampoo & conditioner, hand towels, toothbrush holder, loofa, bath salts, Fabreeze.
  • House party basket: candy, popcorn, assorted card and trivia games, wine glasses, mini bottles of alcohol (for 21 and over), neighborhood pizza shop gift cards

Essentials for your Apartment

  • A crock pot - does all the cooking for you. It’s perfect for someone with a busy life or big family. Don’t need to spend time prepping, you just add the ingredients and wait for it to cook.
  • Everyone must have a coffee or cappuccino maker in their apartment; it’s good for those early mornings or to have for a party. I recommend either the Keureg coffee makers or for something different, a Genesis Soda Maker which turns tap water into sparkling water or different flavored sodas. You can also consider a water purifier.
  • Blender - are essential for any kitchen.
  • An indoor grill is perfect for those of us that miss out on summer grilling; now you can do this in the convenience of your house. 
  • Storage bins for the kitchen including plastic containers, measuring cups, and Tupperware will provide extra storage for around the house. Closet storage, shelves and under the bed storage containers help get rid of the clutter.
  • Cleaning products are always useful for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room area.

Inexpensive Gifts

  1. Bottle of wine
  2. Board and Card games
  3. Movies in the $1-5 bins
  4. Cookbook
  5. Photo frames of loved ones
  6. Room scents and candles
  7. For cheap, fun, and unusual apartment gifts check out Gifts.com