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College Proof Your Next Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Sep 20, 2011

College is a great time in life coupled with living on your own equals even better.  The amount of people that come to visit, the need for efficient homework doing, and the increased butter fingers while in school means that your apartment needs to be “college proofed”.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to be on the prepared early before anything happens to your new place. It’s possible to be on the defense about your place so that you can be sure to stay clean and to receive your full security deposit back (LINK).  If you do the following your college apartment will be clean, unbroken, and fun to do homework in.
Plastic Cups and Non- breakable dishes
The first step of college proofing your house is to buy plastic. There is nothing better than plastic when you’re in college with the amount of times you and your friends will drop you’re drinks and food. The good thing about plastic is that it is cheaper than glass. Also, since you won’t have to keep replacing the broken plates and glasses you can save money that way, too.  Target has a great selection of cups and plates and you can buy a whole set for less than $40.
Chalkboard Tables
Who doesn’t love to play with chalk? As an adult, chalk boards are extremely useful when you’re trying to do math problems or when you’re writing to do lists. So why not make a table that you can write on to help you when you’re studying? Creators realized the great use of chalk and developed chalk board paint so people could use chalk wherever they wanted.  Buy a cheap table off of Craigslist and Chalkboard paint you have the ultimate study table. There’s nothing that says you can’t play with chalk as an adult.
Couch Covers
Your couch will see the most traffic then anywhere else in your house, for many reasons. People sleeping on the couch, watching tv, playing video games and so on. Which means your couch will become really dirty really fast.  Also, house guests are always stopping in and needing a place to sleep when you’re in college. The easiest place to put your expected or even unexpected house guests is the couch.  So what’s the problem? Couches are really hard to clean, so it’s a great idea to get couch covers. Couch covers are easy to clean and you can throw them right into the wash.
First Aid Kit
In every apartment, it’s important to have a First Aid Kit, however in a college apartment it is vital. You never know when someone is going to get hurt or when you’re going to need something to patch up a wound.  First Aid Kits can be as inexpensive as $4 for a basic kit or anywhere upwards of $40 with items you will hopefully never use.  
Fire Extinguisher
Fingers crossed you will never have to use a fire extinguisher, but it’s good to have in your apartment.  Due to forgetfulness while cooking the kitchen is the most common places for a fire to start. It’s important to always watch what you’re cooking and not walk away. But in the case that a fire starts if you have a fire extinguisher you will be able to contain and snuff the fire. Just remember it’s always good to be overly cautious and have enough stuff in case something does go wrong.