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Apartment friendly for Halloween

MyApartmentMap - Oct 25, 2011


One of the greatest holidays is approaching and it’s imperative that your apartment is ready for the festivities that come with all hallows eve. The tricks and treats that come with Halloween are all too fun to pass up once year.  We have listed some great ways to Halloween proof your house and make sure that your friends and the neighbors will be talking about what you did to make your house the scariest place to enter.

Trick or treat! Hopefully you’re more on the trick side than the treat side for decorating your apartment. It is really fun to place traps around your apartment for people to find random tricks around your house. Here are some great tips when finding tricks around the house. In the bathroom place a fake hand in near the soap or behind the toilet.

Halloween revolves around “treats” and candy. Since, Halloween is a holiday that people hand out candy, it’s always a good idea to have some around the house for people to munch on. Wal-Mart or Target sells cheap pumpkin candy holders which are great for placing around the house. During Halloween it’s always easy to find cheaper candy at the Dollar store or from Wal Mart.

Black lights are the way to go for Halloween. Regular light bulbs just don’t cut it when you’re trying to be scary for all of your guests and neighbors. You don’t have to change all of the light bulbs to get the effect, but place a few lamps or some bulbs in your already mounted lights. This will give a great effect of creepiness when people come to your pad. Since everything white will turn purple, it will be great for all the tricks that we have suggested because the lighting will be so dark!

Bucket of eyeballs
A bucket of eyeballs can be made easily with large olives in cooking oil. Olives give the shape and hardness of eyeballs, while the oil gives the feeling of the wetness that surrounds the eyeball. I would put on a black light in your bathroom and fill your sink up with ice and place a piece of saran wrap on top of the ice, and the “eyeballs” on top of the saran wrap. This way when people go to wash their hands they will be in for a good treat! Or trick…

The easiest way to make fake intestines is to make some spaghetti. Make the spaghetti a little overdone and place it in a bowl. When you are offering candy to people you can put the bowl of spaghetti out so people will feel the gooeyness of the spaghetti instead of the wrapped piece of candy they were expecting.  

Halloween is known for pumpkins. Most people carve pumpkins and then roast the seeds for a tasty snack. This is great, but people are missing the trick by eating the seeds. Instead of eating the seeds this Halloween, put them into a bowl and trick your guests. Place them in a spot that people will be frequenting but not too visible, maybe even next to a candy bowl so people will get confused. Trick or treat!