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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Dec 22, 2011

Time is beginning to run out as many of us are realizing how fast Christmas is approaching with so little time left to shop for gifts. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one who waited last minute to do your Christmas shopping. Just take a deep breath and start to prepare a list of people you need to shop for. Most of the time when people have no time to do shopping they go with the generic last minute gifts to give out like scratch tickets, gift cards, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Most people don’t realize how many awesome gifts are out there for the home. Buying a gift for someones apartment is very resourceful and something they can use all the time. Here are some tips on gift choices for the apartment.
Items they are missing

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Tips and Guidelines on Christmas Decorations for your Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Dec 6, 2011


Once December hits, the clock starts ticking for the countdown to 25 days until Christmas. The first thing on people’s minds is decorating their apartment for the holiday season. It’s what jump starts the Christmas season and for all you renters out there it’s a time to bring out your fun side and transform your apartment.  For all you renters, decorations are important to bringing your place to life for the holidays, even with a small space. Here are a few decorating ideas that can transform your apartment using some holiday spirit.


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A Memorable Thanksgiving Party in your Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Nov 18, 2011


Our favorite time of the year has come. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a time where many of us will be celebrating with friends and family. Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition that brings loved ones together to enjoy food, fun, laughter, and for my family, naps and football! One stressful situation about Thanksgiving is deciding whose house to attend or if you are throwing the Thanksgiving dinner party at your place. You’re not alone in wanting to make your Thanksgiving dinner turn out perfectly and have a memorable day no one forgets. It becomes much trickier to create an elaborate dinner party in your apartment. Below, we provided a few easy steps to make your Thanksgiving Day as easy and stress free as possible so you can unwind and enjoy the festivities in the process of preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.


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Apartment friendly for Halloween

MyApartmentMap - Oct 25, 2011


One of the greatest holidays is approaching and it’s imperative that your apartment is ready for the festivities that come with all hallows eve. The tricks and treats that come with Halloween are all too fun to pass up once year.  We have listed some great ways to Halloween proof your house and make sure that your friends and the neighbors will be talking about what you did to make your house the scariest place to enter.


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How to Entertain on a Budget: Quick and Easy Decorations and Recipes

MyApartmentMap - Sep 26, 2011

You’re broke. You have an awesome place. And you want to throw a fun dinner party. Ok, maybe your place isn’t even that cool, but you want to throw a party. This is always a dilemma that doesn’t have to be a dilemma. Here are a few tips I have learned along the way about entertaining on a budget that will make your friends question if you’re being paid too much.

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College Proof Your Next Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Sep 20, 2011

College is a great time in life coupled with living on your own equals even better.  The amount of people that come to visit, the need for efficient homework doing, and the increased butter fingers while in school means that your apartment needs to be “college proofed”.

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Contest: Do You Have the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad? Enter to Win $1000 Plus $250 to Favorite Animal Shelter/Rescue

MyApartmentMap - Aug 3, 2011

Do you have the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad and have wanted to show it off but have nowhere to display your ultimate pet digs?  We have launched the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad contest in the US to let people showcase their hard work in their pet houses, play grounds, pet rooms or any luxurious space that you’ve designed for your pet. The best part isn’t even showing of your pet pad- oh no, you have a chance to win $1000 PLUS you can donate $250 to your favorite animal shelter or rescue group. Why not showcase the hard work that you do for your pet? 

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Sword Fighting on Google Street View

MyApartmentMap - Sep 23, 2009

Who says Google Street view is only good for useful things like directions and finding apartments. The Google Street view van found this gem in Pittsburgh PA.

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