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Census: New Orleans fastest-growing city in US

MyApartmentMap - Sep 23, 2009

The US Census bureau is reporting today that `New Orleans `_ , hard-hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, was the fastest-growing large city in the nation between July 1, 2006, and July 1, 2007. This follows the city having the largest rate of population loss since 2000. The report states `New Orleans' `_ population rose by 13.8 percent. New Orleans population now stands at 239,124. Although New Orleans led the nation in growth percentage wise, Houston was actually the city named in the report as leading the nation in numerical population increase. The top 10 cities that led the nation in numerical population increase are as follows: `Houston `_ `Phoenix `_ `San Antonio `_ `Fort Worth `_ `New Orleans `_ `New York City `_ `Atlanta `_ `Austin `_ `Charlotte `_ `Raleigh `_ That’s 3 `Texas `_ cities that made the top 10, which leads me to believe that a large chunk of people displaced by Hurricane Katrina moved West to Texas.