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Moving out of the Concrete Jungle into the Suburbs: What Will Change?

MyApartmentMap - Jul 5, 2011

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Moving from a constant traffic of people to the suburbs can be quite a change when you’re used to living in chaos. There are many good aspects moving from the city to the suburbs. For instance, living in the suburbs you have much more space, grass, and quiet. The price of living in the suburbs is much more affordable both for accommodations and for necessities. And as I mentioned in my Pleasantville to Gotham: Novelties to Consider When Moving into the City blog shopping can be quite an adventure in the city, and is much easier in the suburbs. The culture shock from moving out of the city is similar to the culture shock of moving into the city. My best description of moving out of a city is sitting at a light at 9 o’clock at night and having not a single soul around me. In contrast to walking out at 9 o’clock at night and being in traffic jam of people and lights. Or living in NYC and leaving the house at midnight to start the night, whereas in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last call is 12:30. Simple differences that you need to adjust to. I’ve compiled a list of changes that you may experience on your move from the city life to suburbia to help absorb some of the shock.


Throw out those ear plugs, because you won’t need those bad boys anymore! Imagine the ability to sleep through the night without the constant buzz of people and cars. It sounds too good to be true, but it is the truth. Suburban living is calm, and has little noise. Sometimes, you might even feel like it’s too quiet.

Apartment Size

Another perk about moving into the suburbs is the size of the apartment. Moving from the city into the suburbs will make you feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. The space you have in your new suburban apartment will be immense; you will most likely not know what to do with yourself. The cabinet and closet space you will have will be unimaginable.  

Less shopping and restaurant options

Moving out of the city has both positives and negatives for shopping. The positive, it will be much simpler to go shopping. There will be no need to figure out transportation, because most likely you will have a car that will let you transport your new goods from point A to point B. Rain, too much shopping? That will not be a problem in the suburbs.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to shopping. The variety you once had in the city is not as abundant in the suburbs. I noticed when moving back to the suburbs my variety of restaurants decreased as well. Living in the city, there was a sushi restaurant and a Thai restaurant on every block. In the suburbs, I’m lucky if I can find one within 15 minutes.

Basic needs cost less

It’s no surprise that your basic necessities will be a fraction of the cost when you move out of the city. There are two reasons for this 1.) rent outside of the city is super cheap and 2.) the mark up is much less. Oh and one more thing, you will be able to find Wal Mart and Target. If you’ve never been to a Target or Wal Mart, then you are in for a treat. Imagine being able to do all of your shopping in one place, all of it. From food to clothes to bedding to electronics to name a few, all in one convenient location.  And the best parts of these stores are super cheap. However, just a cautionary tip: you pay for what you get.


What are those large green and brown objects outside of your window, you ask? Those crazy things are trees. They are beautiful to look at and provide clean air, yes I said clean for you to breathe. Living in the city all the jungle and nature you are able to see is concrete, not in the suburbs. The forest around you is real and is actually good for you, who would have thought?