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Living in a Studio Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Oct 11, 2011


You’re finally living on your own. It’s just you and your personal belongings in a cozy one room apartment. Yes, you live in a studio apartment. Though living in a studio may seem small, it is possible to make the space larger and even section off parts of your apartment.  Living in a studio is nice because it keeps your entire belongings close by, just as long as you know how to set up your apartment this could be your favorite place you’ve ever lived.

Prior to moving into your studio make sure to only bring what you need into your studio. It’s best if you don’t bring your industrial sized hairdryer like Princess Vespa from Space Balls with you. The less you have in your studio the bigger your studio will look.  You can try selling objects that will be too big, or renting a storage space to hold some of your belongings. The positive side to selling off things you don’t need is that you will get a little pocket cash to help pay for bills or buy things that you need.

How to decorate
I’m not an interior decorator, nor will I pretend to be one. But one thing that I can say is that when you live in a studio it’s good to have the same theme and colors throughout the apartment. If there are too many colors and themes mixing in will result in too much commotion. Your apartment will look small and crowded, therefore it’s important to make sure everything in your apartment is in color sync with each other, I would even recommend going with a lot of white.  If white is too boring for you, a few blog posts back I wrote about how to make things on a budget LINK, there are some helpful hints on how to match your furniture on a budget.

How to organize
In a studio apartment it’s important to keep everything organized to reduce the clutter in the small space. Interestingly, organizing your apartment can be fun and it will let you show case some of your things, since the space is a little smaller.  If you have some hats, albums, or pictures that you always want to show case but are not sure how to then this will be a great time to do so. Another great idea is to buy raisers for your bed and store some things under your bead, like shoes or books. By using the bed raisers increases storage space in your room, a lot.

Chinese Removable Wall
Although it’s nice to have everything out in the open for people to see, sometimes having the ability to section off your studio is nice. It’s easy to use removable walls in your studio to fold up and put away when you don’t need them. Room dividers are great for studios to section off your room easily when you have guests. If you don’t want people to see what’s going on around your bed, then purchasing a room divider will help separate the room. Also, since the dividers fold up you can put them in a closet or even under your bed since you now have bed raisers.