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How to Find the Perfect Roommate

MyApartmentMap - Dec 4, 2013

How to Find the Perfect Roommate
Having a roommate can be a great experience, you are interacting and meeting new people and can even make a friend out of it. But finding and choosing a roommate is a challenge in itself and it’s an important one to face. In a tough economy more and more people are on the search to find a roommate or live with other people to save or make extra money. There can be many perks to having a roommate but you can also face the harsh reality of choosing the wrong roommate and have to deal with the consequences. Some people decide to room with friend and family members or are able to find a roommate through mutual friends; but if you don't know anyone who's looking for a roommate it’s nerve-racking to go and meet a complete stranger.  I have provided some guidelines to help you find and meet your potential roommate and help make the process more rewarding so you can end up with the perfect roommate.

Begin your search
To help find the perfect roommate I say begin your search with asking friends and family if they know anyone looking for a roommate. College students can ask friends or a classmate if they know anyone looking for or have a room available. Your best option is to use the internet; internet websites like Roommate or Roomster help make the search for roommates a lot easier where it creates a profile page for you and matches you with other individuals, just like a dating website. Social networking has also become a helpful search tool, many people post statuses or tweet about looking for a roommate and friends tend to reply with a prospect. You can also use myapartmentmap to find a roommate and look for a place to live all in the same place.

Meeting and Interviewing the Potential Roommate
The nervous part of the roommate search is meeting the potential roommate in person. This is the time where you find out if you both will have chemistry and will be able to interact and live together. Before you meet in person, speak with them on the phone or online. When talking on the phone or online ask the basic questions about the individuals experience as a renter or roommate. Also discuss with them information about the apartments and the expenses. If you feel confident about the person want to know more, ask them to meet you for an interview and to discuss the apartment. I recommend for the first interview to meet at a public place; a restaurant or café, you never know who you are going to meet and this is a safer way for both sides. If you are interested in the person to be your roommate then you can invite them over to the apartment for a full tour before you both reach an agreement (before allowing them to take a tour or the apartment, I recommend you call their references). I listed possible questions to ask roommate prospects to see if you two will be a good fit.

Basic Questions to ask Potential Roommates:
This helps give you an idea about their personality and if they will be a reliable roommate
  1. What do you do for a living? Do you have a steady income? What are your hours for work? What other expenses do you have (cell phone, car, ect.)?
  2. Why are you looking for a roommate?
  3. Will this be the first time you've had a roommate? If it's not, why did those arrangements come to an end?
  4. What have you liked and disliked about past roommates? Did you ever have a disagreement or argument with a past roommate?
  5. How do you handle a conflict or argument?
  6. When do you plan to move in and how long do you plan to stay?
  7. Will your friends or a significant other be spending a lot of time here? Do you bring home strangers late at night?
  8. How quiet or noisy are you? How much noise can you tolerate?
  9. How much time do you spend in the bathroom to get ready?
  10. Are you in school? Do you bring work or homework home with you?
  11. Are you a light sleeper? Do you go to bed early or later at night?
  12. Do you spend a lot of time in your apartment or do you go out frequently at friends’ houses, significant others house, travel, overtime hours, go away on weekends?
  13. How clean and organized are you? How often do you think an apartment should be cleaned? Would you split house cleaning chores or create a schedule?
  14. Do you smoke or do drugs? A heavy drinker or social drinker?
  15. Do you have any pets? Are you planning on getting pets?
  16. Do you have a medical problem? What are you allergic to?
  17. What TV shows, movies and music do you like?
  18. Are you social or do you keep to yourself?
  19. What do you like to do for fun? What hobbies do you do?
  20. What kind of food do you like?
  21. How often do you throw parties? Do you like to have people over frequently?
  22. How do you feel about sharing clothing, kitchen supplies, toiletries, movies? Should we buy food together or separately? Can we borrow food from each other?
  23. What kind of furniture will you bring in? Do you have a lot of stuff?
  24. Are you willing to co-sign the lease and other contracts?
Note: When you are looking at potential prospects for a roommate ask to view their Facebook profile or friend them, you can learn a lot about a person by looking and their Facebook.