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How To Find Internet Deals

MyApartmentMap - Sep 20, 2011

The internet and social media have given this new found “deal in your face mentality”. Today, anywhere you look there is some kind of deal being offered. Whether it’s through a Group-On, on a Social Media Site, Print, or on your phone- “buy one get one here” ‘s are all over the place. I’m not complaining, a deal is a deal, but how do you sift through and figure out which deals are the best for your needs?
Personally, I am one to research, research, and research until I find the best price- literally.  Here are a list of sites that are great for finding deals for furniture and why we love using them.
Whenever I am looking for anything the first place I go to research is Amazon.com. Amazon.com will give you a ball park number on how much you should be spending on furniture for your apartment and then you can search to find better prices elsewhere. Also, from time to time there are great deals on Amazon and you won’t need to search anywhere else. Lots of buy one get one frees.
Another site that is good to search is eBay. eBay has really good deals and is dependent on how many people want a product and how much people are willing to spend. Usually on eBay, people are just trying to get rid of their furniture or the furniture is on the site because stores are bringing in their new lines of furniture. The best part about eBay is that you will never have to leave your home.
Craigslist is another great place to look for furniture for your apartment. There are always really good deals on Craigslist and sometimes the furniture is free because people are just trying to get rid of it. You are responsible for the transportation. Although the furniture that you are looking for may not be brand new on Craigslist, the next blog post will explain how to give old furniture a face lift.
GroupOn and Living Social
Sites like Group-On and Living Social, which are group based coupon sites, are great when they have specials on furniture, which only come occasionally. Although you won’t get any free furniture like Craigslist, there are deals that will get you a percentage off.
Facebook has an app for people to sell and buy products Facebook Marketplace and let’s you search for furniture without leaving Facebook. This app is similar to Craiglist where a seller posts a product and you search for the product and then tell the seller you’re interested. Once the connection has been made, then you and the seller work out the kinks for your new piece or set of furniture.
Foursquare is a geotagging service that has recently reported they had 10 million users, according to Fast Company. Although, Foursquare is an unconventional way for finding deals on furniture, geotagging services are an innovative way to find deals in your area. As you walk by a store, Foursquare finds your location and will show you “Specials” in the area. Also, some places give you a percentage off when you check in their location or give you a percentage off for the first time you check in. Though you might night find a buy one get one couch special, 10% off isn’t too shabby either.