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How To Find Internet Deals

MyApartmentMap - Sep 20, 2011

The internet and social media have given this new found “deal in your face mentality”. Today, anywhere you look there is some kind of deal being offered. Whether it’s through a Group-On, on a Social Media Site, Print, or on your phone- “buy one get one here” ‘s are all over the place. We provide a list of the top sites to search for deals on furniture and other household amenities.

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College Proof Your Next Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Sep 20, 2011

College is a great time in life coupled with living on your own equals even better.  The amount of people that come to visit, the need for efficient homework doing, and the increased butter fingers while in school means that your apartment needs to be “college proofed”.

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Hurricane Irene Hits MyApartmentMap

MyApartmentMap - Aug 28, 2011

MyApartmentMap's office is located in Seacoast NH where Hurricane Irene made a rather close pass.  Not too much damage but still pretty windy.  Here is a video and a few pictures. Check it out.

Video from the beach

Hopefully we don't lose power.

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Bad Roommates and How to Deal With Them

MyApartmentMap - Aug 23, 2011

There is nothing worse than living with a bad roommate. Nothing. Walking into your house and feeling tense or uncomfortable in your home makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. 

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Roommate Needed but Not Wanted: Tips on Living with a Roommate

MyApartmentMap - Aug 16, 2011

So you’ve been living on your own for quite some time, huh? But, it’s starting to be super expensive and the economy is just not helping, so taking on a roommate seems like a great idea. Although you feel like this is the worst thing since your third grade school pictures, it really isn’t. There are so many benefits to having a roommate(s) that your decrease in personal space really won’t be as bad as you think. 

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Asking Questions When Renting a Place? Here are 9 Good Ones

MyApartmentMap - Aug 9, 2011

It’s always vital to ask questions about your, could be, future new home. Despite all the obvious questions such as price, payment date, late fee, and utilities to name a few, there are some other questions that are pretty important to ask as well. Landlords want to rent their place, and willingly will not give you information that will deter you from renting their apartment. 

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Contest: Do You Have the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad? Enter to Win $1000 Plus $250 to Favorite Animal Shelter/Rescue

MyApartmentMap - Aug 3, 2011

Do you have the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad and have wanted to show it off but have nowhere to display your ultimate pet digs?  We have launched the Ultimate Pet Friendly Pad contest in the US to let people showcase their hard work in their pet houses, play grounds, pet rooms or any luxurious space that you’ve designed for your pet. The best part isn’t even showing of your pet pad- oh no, you have a chance to win $1000 PLUS you can donate $250 to your favorite animal shelter or rescue group. Why not showcase the hard work that you do for your pet? 

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Need to Move Out of Your Parents House? Tips for Leaving the Homestead for Independence

MyApartmentMap - Jul 19, 2011

Freedom. The single word to describe moving out of your parents’ house. There is nothing better than the first time that you live on your own. However, with moving out of your parents’ house comes responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and paying for things. Living on your own is invigorating, but now you have to feign for yourself.

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See Ya Dorm, Hello Apartment: Tips on Real World Living

MyApartmentMap - Jul 12, 2011

Moving from your college pad to your new real world digs can be a challenge. Utilities, furniture, non-college student neighbors? What does that even mean? We’ve compiled a few tips and ideas about what to do when moving from your college apartment to your first “adult” pad.

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Moving out of the Concrete Jungle into the Suburbs: What Will Change?

MyApartmentMap - Jul 5, 2011

Moving from a constant traffic of people to the suburbs can be quite a change when you’re used to living in chaos. There are many good aspects moving from the city to the suburbs. 

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Pleasantville to Gotham: Novelties to Consider When Moving into the City

MyApartmentMap - Jun 28, 2011

Moving from the suburbs into a city is a big change.  It‘s possible to feel lost when making the big move, however if you go in with an idea of what to expect the culture shock won’t be as dramatic. There are a couple of things that you should consider before moving into the city including transportation, costs, safety, noise, shopping, and apartment size.  The benefits of moving into a city are immense with the amount of culture and the increase in your social life that come with the big move, however you need to make sure you’re ready to deal with the city culture before moving. Although all cities are different, we’ve compiled some “perks” to be aware of when moving into a city, including a few tips to help you out.

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Tips for living with "Old Roomies": Parents

MyApartmentMap - Jun 20, 2011

Moving back in with your mom and dad has its perks, but it also has its unfavorable moments. Let’s be serious, nothing is better than free rent and free food. However, the price to pay for the new affordable living comes with large (and strange) consequences. 

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How to Move with Pets Into A Smaller Pad: Pavlov’s Law

MyApartmentMap - May 25, 2011

Moving into an apartment can be stressful enough, throw in man’s best friend and that equals double trouble. However, that may not be the case if you have the right type of anxious- free pooch to accompany you. Who knows your pup may even turn into the best thing that happened to your new apartment since the internet. What are some puppy characteristics that will make your neighbors not hate you, you ask?

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Using MyApartmentMap.com to Search for Off Campus Student Housing

MyApartmentMap - Dec 14, 2010

Searching for student apartments and off-campus rentals can be a time-consuming process, but that doesn’t mean the endeavor has to be filled with complications. College students who assess their housing needs before they even go on an apartment tour might end up saving time and stave off stress in the long run. Regardless of how limited the rental options might be in your college town, a preliminary examination of what you’re looking for in an apartment can be a helpful part of the search process. To that end, that brings us to our first three search tips:

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Things for Pet Owners to Consider When Preparing to Rent

MyApartmentMap - Dec 6, 2010

Pet owners will tell you, time and time again, it’s critically important that you do your homework on any pet-friendly property before you sign a lease or rental agreement. Even if you’ve been told that dogs, cats, birds and the like are welcome, you’ll still want to double-check all the applicable accommodations to ensure that the apartment at hand will be able to meet the needs of you and your pet. In order to know you’ve thoroughly researched a property, you might want to consider the criterion listed below while you peruse pet-friendly apartments.

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How to Help Your Pet Acclimate to a New Apartment

MyApartmentMap - Dec 5, 2010

The moving process can be stressful – not only for you, but for your pet, as well. Just like people, animals will need some time to acclimate to a new living environment. The following seven recommendations might help both you and your pet to more quickly gain a sense of comfort in a new location and provide for a smoother transition. It’s important to remember that your pet’s reaction to a move also can affect how you acclimate to the new property.

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Rent or Buy: Economist’s Formula

MyApartmentMap - Nov 10, 2010

For Green, the magic number is six at current interest rates. Here’s what that means: Find a rental property that’s comparable to the property you’re thinking of buying. Figure out how much it costs to rent annually; if the rent is $2,500 a month, you’re spending $30,000 a year, or 6 percent of $500,000.

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Moving Supplies 101: The Checklist

MyApartmentMap - Nov 10, 2010

Packing and getting ready to move is always time consuming. We've compiled a list of supplies that you'll need to move, just so you have one less thing to worry about, and one less trip to the store.

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Apartment Credit Checks

MyApartmentMap - Nov 10, 2010

It seems that wherever you go, a routine credit check is necessary to secure you what you want. This ranges from big tag items like cars and homes to smaller asset items such as simple credit cards and car insurance. It used to be that apartment credit checks were uncommon for new renters to secure leased housing. Not so, anymore. With time, enough landlords were scammed out of multiple months’ rent; that it was decided that apartment credit checks would be practically a staple requirement for a rental agreement.

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MyApartmentMap Launches!

MyApartmentMap - Nov 3, 2010

After several years of research, development and design, we have released our full featured apartment search engine. Check out this short video ( http://www.myapartmentmap.com/videos/walkthrough/ )that walks through some of our new features.

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