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    Yorkville, the area from 72nd Street to 96th Street, and Third Avenue to the East River can be a great area if you're looking for great bargains. If you are willing to live a little bit "off the mark" you can get some very respectable deals.

    Keep this tip in mind: the closer you live to a subway stop, the more you will pay because these are the most desirable locations (generally speaking -- there are always eceptions). Consider York, First, or Second Avenues. Also consider streets that are are inbetween subway stops. The subway stops that serve Yorkville are:

    68th Street (local 6 train) Not technically Yorkville but services the area
    77th Street (local 6 Train)
    86th Street (express 4 and 5 trains/local 6 train)
    96th Street (local 6 train)

    Choose any street in the middle of these streets and your broker may just be able to find you a deal that you didn't expect to find.

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