Why Has Chelsea Become So Desirable?

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    Chelsea is that area in Manhattan's West Side spanning 14th Street to 30th Street, Sixth Avenue to the Hudson River. A very eclectic neighborhood, its streets are dotted with beautiful townhouses, prewar buildings, and post-modern gems.

    25 years ago real estate agents couldn't give away apartments in Chelsea. Today, there is a shortage of inventory and when something comes on the market it sells or rents quickly. I've seen $9,000,000 apartments that are located in the most unassuming buildings, but when you walk into these homes you are floored by their expansiveness and beauty.

    If you're visiting or thinking of living in Chelsea be sure to visit the following places which have made the area a destination for all New Yorkers:

    Chelsea Piers
    The High Line
    Chelsea Market
    Empire Diner
    Peter McManus Cafe
    Rubin Museum of Art
    Empire Diner

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