Big Oasis in Big Apple: Central Park

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  • 2+ weeks old

    I love Central Park and so do other New Yorkers here living in this city. It is full of picturesque beauty of the natural green landscape and pastoral escape that Central Park provide which make us love to come over and over again during all seasons. There is nothing better than wandering through the paths, exploring the rustic spaces and basking in the nature and relaxing yourself in this oasis. Central Park also presents itself with physical activities and other fun pastimes including two skating rinks, a carousel, a public swimming pool, baseball fields, tennis courts and other sport attractions scattered throughout the park.
    Many attractions in the park that are loaded with fascinating history. Belvedere Castle is a fully functional weather station, the Great Lawn hosted a Papal Mass in 1995, the Blockhouse is an old fort from the War of 1812 located at the northern end of the park, and the Continental Army even walked through McGown's Pass on the Upper East Side in 1783 during the American Revolution. Central Park also boasts numerous statues of iconic figures, including Balto, Alice and Wonderland and even William Shakespeare; fountains and the oldest public monument in North America: The Obelisk.

    If you are animal-lovers, Central Park is home to the world famous Central Park Zoo and Wildlife Center and the Children's Zoo. At 6.5 acres, the zoo is only a mere .77% of the park's acreage, but it manages to hold over 1,400 animals of more than 130 species in its three temperature zones: tropic, garden and polar.
    During the weekends the park is full of people jogging, wondering, looking, enjoying, relaxing, visiting or just sitting there doing nothing! Isn't it all that life is about!?