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    For some people, when talking about vacationing and or living in Waikiki, they may only think about the beaches with sandy beach and the sun above them. Then a few of those people may not even like to be playing in the water or on the sandy beach for reasons.

    There are a lot more of different kind of activities that one can do besides playing in the warm ocean. When I do not want to get wet in the ocean or at the beach I would go for para-sailing . On the parasailing boat when the time is right, I would be paired with a partner for a parachute harness or I can choose to go solo . All I need to do is to step in the harness on the dock of the boat when asked, buckle up then off I go up , up high. I would have 10-15 minutes in the air up high viewing the entire land mass of the Diamond Head, Waikiki, Downtown and the tip of the Kapolei area. When I am done with the trip , my clothes are still dried, none of the sticky feeling of salty water on my skin. I love it.

    Oahu is an island of trails. Lots of trails for all levels : novice to expert. Good for cardio training.

    When I feel like getting more adventurous, I go SCUBA diving right off the shore or go snorkeling. The best way to do this is to go out under guidance of a local SCUBA dive instructor or dive master. To try out a few spots, I suggest to schedule the trip with A Bruce's SCUBA School , only $35/person for snorkeling lesson with an hour of a tour of a wreck ship off of the beach is an awsome deal. He only takes about 2-4 people max per trip. Thus reservation is recommended. His contact phone number is 808-969-3443.