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  • 2+ weeks old

    Many people have asked me whether my rental complex has any gym and swimming pool. When asked what their budget was, oftenly, their replies were between $1400 - $1600s. In Waikiki, those condo buildings that has these type of amenities usually has high rental rates at over $1900 / month.
    First of all, I advised them that if they want to keep their budget , they would need to look for rental properties somewhere else out side of Waikiki area. Or that they would need to lower their expectation by considering using the alternative warm water ocean to swim and the many luscious tropical trails available through out the island to exercise. Take advantage of the fresh air and the warm ocean around! Don’t get stuck inside of a building while you are exercise breathing the air condition which can be allergic to some.
    Secondly, if having those amenities is a must as part of your life style, please re-evaluate and expect to increase your budget to at least $1900/month, if you are luck to find a rental at this price. The on-going rate for the quarter 1, 2013 is way over $2000/month for a condo.

    I hope this article gives you a clear picture to help you determine your budget when looking for new rental property.