The Best Areas of the Downtown Scene

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  • 2+ weeks old

    There are many places to call home in the downtown area. Murray Hill is a favorite for many new to the city, Chelsea is great for anyone in fashion, Kips Bay is another high on the list for those new to the city and needing space and security of a doorman building. Those areas all offer some great doorman spaces that can convert to more bedrooms to save your rent roll.

    The East Village is the artists' enclave as is the West Village and some would argue about who is the more successful artist based on where they reside. For those not needing the doorman but wanting the better "area/neighborhood" feel that some of those other mentioned areas may be lacking in.

    My personal favorite of all the downtown areas is Gramercy. If you can find a way into this area, it offers plenty of benefits. There are great Restaurants, Lounges, superb subway access, some nice parks and dog runs and you can also feel the best of midtown and the downtown vibes without being isolated.

    If you are lucky enough to get a key to the park, wow!