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  • 2+ weeks old

    For a student dorm on campus, on going rate is about $700/month per student. Many prefer to live off campus. The questions are What are the pros & cons of living on campus or off campus? Why is early planing necessary ?

    Pros: your paper work is all with the university.
    Cons: you sleep in small bed or bunk bed with other students in the room. and it get more expensive if you want a private room. You have to pay your own utilities.

    Pros: You have your own room, your own kitchen. (though you may want to share the rental with other persons/students to save cost). You have the feeling of a family living together.
    Cons: You do all rental lease contract with individual landlord. Normally, you must have good credit or you may need to have your parents to co-sign for you.

    Many landlords who have properties near the university most likely would post their availability early , up to 2-3 months before hand . School year calendar does not change much. Thus individual landlords may know ahead of time when the current tenants will vacate and thus new tenants need to fill in. Thus, as a student, looking for off site rental early can be a lot beneficial as to choosing the best property location at the best affordable price range.