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  • Hi Folks !
    I recently came across a post for a person who was working with a couple of different Real Estate Agents, the person could not understand why some of the agents were a little upset. When a REA (Real Estate Agent) is trying to find a property for you to rent, it is customary for the landlord to pay the agents commission in return for finding and qualifying a client (that's you!). An agent will only get paid if they brought the tenant who is accepted by the landlord.

    If you are working with three agents, only one of them will get paid (unless your agent is showing you something that has been listed by another agent, then the commission will get split between those two agents). So...what happens to the other two agents who took time showing you apartment(s). Absolutely nothing! They do not get compensated...period. The agent could have been working with another client. Instead, they worked hard trying to find you a place... all the while you are going to other agents to help you find a place to live. REA's only get paid when the deal closes and you have signed your lease or month-to-month and got your keys.

    Rentals are not as easy as one might think. Agents have to use their judgment when they feel that a client may be hiding something that needs to be brought to their attention. It could mean the difference between getting accepted or not by the landlord. There are also phone calls to make such as talking to references and past landlords, verify work history among other things.

    If your going to work with more than one REA, let each one know that you are doing so. Just be honest about it, you will be much more appreciated and respected for that. Also, when you make an appointment, please, please call the agent if you are going to be late, need to reschedule, or have found a place that you are going to rent. Think of how you would feel if the agent did not show up or call you at all, you would be really upset to say the least. Be more consciences and respectful to others, just as you would want others to do the same for you. Kindness goes a long way.

    Happy apartment hunting and I hope you find a great place to live!