Tips for More Positive Results

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  • Here are just a few thoughts on being organized when your searching for an apartment. I hope they are usefull to you.

    1. Let your fingers do the typing first: only contact the apartment listings that have just about everything on your list wish. Just bear in mind that you may have to sacrifice price vs. amenities if you want a particular area, especially if time is limited to move.

    2. Use a notebook to write down the name, phone number, and details of the listing and any questions before hand so you don't forget to ask.

    3. When you have narrowed down the listings that you want to contact, keep your notebook handy to write down any details not previously mentioned.

    4. Highlight the address and phone number, date and time, of the person you are to meet with. Leave a copy with someone so they know where and who you are meeting with and when. (for your safety)

    5. If you can not keep an appointment, call the person showing the apartment to you to let them know that you can not make it or if you found an apartment. That person made time for you and had to spend money for gas just to meet you, it would be curtious and thoughtful.

    6. Prepare ahead of time if you are asked to bring any form of ID, proof of income, or any type of paperwork. Also find out if you will need to pay for a background check and how much it will be so you can have your funds ready if needed.

    7. Always request a receipt especially when giving cash to pay for a background check or for paying your first, last, or security deposit.

    I hope these suggestions help you be more prepared in your apartment searching. Good Luck!!!