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  • For people out there trying to find a career that allows you to work from home, please...It's all in the details. What I mean by this is if there is something that has caught your eye for example; buying a Tax Lean. There are a lot of people out there trying to get you to spend your hard earned money (some times what little money that you do have) on their "Program."

    Do yourself a favor before jumping in feet first, research the topic first. There are many towns out there that will explain the proper way Tax Leins work in their town. Key words "Their Town." You can learn a lot by investing some time actually talking to a real person..... in person!

    It should not cost anything to hear what a person has to say about a topic. If you can take notes every time you talk to someone, you will pick up on what is right and what might be misinformation. People can sound very compelling, they try to create urgency.

    What I mean by "Urgency" is that they tell you there are only so many spots left to take a certain class or attend a certain seminar or buy a certain "How To" book that is suppose to catapult you into financial freedom and "if you do not buy it now, it will be gone for ever." You may want to run the other way if you hear that line. You can also ask the person why they are going to discontinue something if it is making them money.

    If you happen to listen to someone who is giving free advice or "How-To's, there usually is what you call an up-sell. An upsell is often the true meaning behind giving you free advice or information. The person wants you to buy something after listening to the free information that just peaks your curiosity enough to make you want to learn more about the topic that is being discussed.

    What I always do if someone is trying to up-sell to me...I always ask for a way to contact them in the future should I decide that their product is right for me... and oh... by the way...if they have not revealed the price to you yet, be very carefull giving out your personal financial information such as your debit or credit card number.

    Just remember..."They" cannot charge anything to your credit card if you do not give out the account number. What they do not know about you, will not hurt you. Don't be afraid of being in the driver's seat when it comes to giving out your hard earned money or your credit information.

    There is another side to this coin though, learn how to recognize when someone is genuinely giving you correct information. If you can verify what they are telling you from a reliable source, then by all means...learn as much as you can with in your means. There are some people out there that want nothing but good things to happen to you so you can better yourself and live a happy fullfilling life!