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Largest Cities in Maryland

The largest of Maryland’s cities have terrific apartments at a range of rental rates. Baltimore is the biggest city with a total population of about 637,000 people. From luxury apartments to reasonably priced rentals, this major seaport has it all. Urban communities like Bethesda and Gaithersburg also have fine apartments.

Other Large Cities in Maryland

Do you want to get an excellent deal on an apartment? Renters in Maryland might find great apartments at reasonable prices in many of state’s smaller urban communities. Rockville, Essex, and Towson are prime urban areas that offer wonderful prospects for renting.


Average November Rental Rates in Maryland

Bedrooms Rent Diff*
Studio $1,188 (102)
One Bedroom $1,186 (161)
Two Bedroom $1,447 (168)
Three Bedroom $1,759 (174)
note: when compared with the national average


Maryland Rental Rates as Compared to States Nearby

State Rent Diff
Maryland $1447 -
Delaware $1128 (-319)
Virginia $1339 (-108)
West Virginia $857 (-590)
New Jersey $1867 (420)
Pennsylvania $1243 (-204)

Rental Trends in Maryland

Month Rent Change
June $1483 -
July $1470 (-13)
August $1467 (-3)
September $1458 (-9)
October $1441 (-17)
November $1447 (6)

Information about Maryland

There are great places to live all throughout Maryland. Whether you’re inclined to rent by the shores of Chesapeake Bay or closer to the West Virginia border, renters can discover fantastic apartments across the entire state.

Despite the fact that Maryland is one of the 10 smallest states by total land area, it has a fairly sizeable population. The U.S. Census Bureau lists this Mid-Atlantic state’s estimated populous at nearly 5.7 million people. Maryland has a high median household income and many of its residents have technology, government, and science-related jobs. This beautiful coastal state also has a large commercial fishing sector. Some of the nation’s top academic institutes are located there, as well. Johns Hopkins University and the United States Naval Academy are well-known Maryland establishments.

People who make their home in Maryland have access to an assortment of arts, entertainment, and popular attractions. If you’re looking for a variety of options, Baltimore is an excellent place to start. The city’s Inner Harbor is a prominent stop where you can find restaurants, landmarks, and science centers. Depending on your location, you can hit upon exquisite, historic architecture in communities like Annapolis and Chestertown. For those interested in sites outside of the city, many parts of the state offer opportunities to go boating, swimming, or hiking. You can do all three at Deep Creek Lake, the state’s largest body of freshwater.

Using MyApartmentMap, potential Maryland renters can find terrific listings near many of the state’s wonderful attractions.