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Largest Cities in Arkansas

Arkansas has several large urban areas that have great communities and affordable rentals. Little Rock, which is the biggest community and the state capital, has plenty of excellent apartments all throughout its entire metro area. That urban region has more than 580,000 inhabitants. Renters in Arkansas also can find reasonably priced apartments in large municipalities like Fort Smith, Springdale, and Fayetteville.

Other Large Cities in Arkansas

Potential renters in Arkansas might also find apartments for a bargain price in some of the state’s smaller cities. West Memphis, Texarkana, Benton, and Van Buren also are sizeable communities that include many popular rentals and a variety of accommodations.


Average November Rental Rates in Arkansas

Bedrooms Rent Diff*
Studio $1,068 (-17)
One Bedroom $672 (-352)
Two Bedroom $782 (-496)
Three Bedroom $1,081 (-503)
note: when compared with the national average


Arkansas Rental Rates as Compared to States Nearby

State Rent Diff
Arkansas $782 -
Mississippi $803 (21)
Missouri $975 (193)
Louisiana $1056 (274)
Alabama $807 (25)
Tennessee $1013 (231)

Rental Trends in Arkansas

Month Rent Change
June $782 -
July $790 (8)
August $796 (6)
September $783 (-13)
October $779 (-4)
November $782 (3)

Information about Arkansas

Located at the center of the nation’s Sun Belt, Arkansas has many of conveniently located apartments that are available to the interested renter. From big cities to rural communities, people who have rented apartments in Arkansas have found what their looking for in a variety of regions.

With a motto that touts “The People Rule,” Arkansas residents have made their homes in plenty of places across the state. While hundreds of thousands of people live in the Little Rock metro area, many of Arkansas’ approximately 2.9 million inhabitants also reside and work in pleasant communities located in other regions of the state. Arkansas is the 32nd most populous state.

According to the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, four Fortune 500 companies have company headquarters stationed in the Arkansas, including Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods. This “Natural State” also offers many great educational opportunities, including programs provided by the University of Arkansas. The university system has excellent campuses in several localities throughout the state. Bordered by a total of six states, Arkansas residents can travel by transit to big cities like Memphis, Dallas and New Orleans in a single day.

From music festivals to outdoor adventures, Arkansas has plenty to offer to both its residents and visitors. Hot Springs National Park is a great place to trek through on a beautiful summer day, while President Bill Clinton’s boyhood home is another popular destination. Remember, MyApartmentMap can show you apartment listings near many of the state’s great attractions.