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About MyApartmentMap

MyApartmentMap is an apartment search engine that allows users to find apartment listings all over the United States. Searchers can view pictures, maps, rental data, find deals, post rentals and contact property owners. MyApartmentMap also has specific search features for college students, pet owners, and military families.

MyApartmentMap has put a lot of research and development into its Rental Data technology. Millions of apartment listings are recorded and used to generate accurate rental data. The listings are cleaned and purged to prevent spam and duplicate listings from altering the final results.


History of MyApartmentMap

The first version of MyApartmentMap was nothing like you see today. In 2005 the founder of MyApartmentMap was looking for a rental in Boston, MA and couldn't find an apartment that fit his requirements. Just out of college, he and his wife needed to find an apartment near the subway because they didn't plan on owning a car. At the time, very few apartment search websites mapped the physical locations of each apartment so it was very difficult to see which rentals were located near the subway. MyApartmentMap was built in a few short weeks and released as a small map based tool to help people find Boston area apartments.

To our surprise, MyApartmentMap received a lot of attention. It was written about on several websites, newspapers, and was even featured in a short local TV segment. Unfortunately, even with the great deal of exposure, MyApartmentMap remained merely a side project and was slowly developed over the next two years.

2007 - MyApartmentMap expands beyond Boston to include the entire United States. Website traffic increases and allows for full-time development.

2008 - Development starts on the full-featured MyApartmentMap search engine.

2009 - MyApartmentMap opens its first office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

2010 - MyApartmentMap officially launches! Development on MyApartmentMap was completed in October of 2010. The transition from a small side project to a full featured apartment search engine was complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I advertise on your website? If you would like to list your apartment on MyApartmentMap please use our list apartment page. We do not accept banner ads or other types of advertisements.

What if I see a fraudulent apartment listings on your website? Please contact us immediately and we will investigate the issue

Can you help me find an apartment? Sorry, we merely display apartment listings in our search results. We are not an apartment locator service that helps individuals find apartments.